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Version: February 2023

In connection with customising and improving our content, Old Irish Pub Denmark A/S’ (hereinafter "Old Irish Pub") stores and accesses cookies on your terminal equip-ment in connection with your use of

This Cookie Policy describes a number of circumstances surrounding Old Irish Pub's storage and use of cookies. Old Irish Pub's use of cookies may involve the processing of personal data, and we therefore recommend that you also read our Privacy Policy for website visitors, which describes our processing of personal data and your rights here

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small electronic data file that is stored on the device (e.g. computer, smartphone or tablet) that you use to visit our website. Cookies are used, among other things, to prepare the user experience on the website by, for example, making internet browsing better, easier and more targeted to you. At the same time, the storage allows Old Irish Pub to analyse traffic and insights into where the website is used and what content is of high interest, so that we can develop the website and our business.

Cookies may be used by Old Irish Pub and by third parties.

Cookies are passive files and cannot be used to spread viruses, malware or similar harmful programs in your terminal equipment.

Certain cookies are used to remember your specific movements across the internet. When your movements are linked to online identifiers that can be traced back to you, personal data will be processed. You can read more about the processing of personal data in our website visitor privacy policy. You can find the link to this policy above.

Types of cookies

The Old Irish Pub stores and accesses these two different types of cookies when you use the website:

  1. Session cookies: session cookies are temporarily stored cookies that are deleted when you close your web browser (the session).
  2. Persistent cookies: persistent cookies are permanently stored on your computer until they are deleted again or after a certain period of time. For more information, see the section "Deleting and blocking cookies". Persistent cookies are renewed each time you visit the website.

Third party cookies Old Irish Pub uses a number of third party partners who store and may access cookies on your device in connection with your use of the website and your subsequent browsing of the internet. Such cookies are called third party cookies and can be both session cookies and persistent cookies.

Purpose of storing cookies

In general, Old Irish Pub and its partners use cookies with the aim of making your internet browsing better and more efficient.

Specifically, the purposes for which Old Irish Pub and partners use cookies, including third party cookies, are:

  • Optimising our visitors' use of the website and optimising the functionality of the website.
  • Completion of purchases on the website.
  • Optimising the performance of the website and related applications.
  • Formulation of demographic and user-related statistics for the purpose of optimising the website, the services sold by the Old Irish Pub or similar.
  • Delivery of targeted advertisements and optimisation of their effectiveness.
  • Behavioural marketing.

In our Cookie Statement you can see which cookies the website uses, for which purposes each cookie is used, who sets each cookie and how long it is stored on your device.

Declining consent to use cookies

When you accept cookies, it is considered as consent for Old Irish Pub and its partners to use cookies on the website.

If you do not want Old Irish Pub to be able to store or access cookies on your device in connection with your visits to the website, you can simply not accept the use of cookies on your first visit to the website. You can also withdraw your consent later by deleting cookies already stored and changing your cookie settings (see below).

Please note that if you do not accept the use of cookies on the website, or if you later withdraw your consent, you may be prevented from using some of the functionalities of the website and our partners, and in addition, advertisements will be less relevant to you and appear more frequently.

Please also note that your refusal to give consent or your withdrawal of consent only applies to the entity from which the refusal or withdrawal is made.

Deleting and blocking cookies

If you have previously accepted cookies but wish to delete them, you can do so at any time. You can also choose to block cookies or receive a warning before cookies are stored or accessed. A guide is available here. You can also revoke or change your consent at any time under "Change cookies" at the bottom of the page.

Please note that when you choose to block, delete or receive alerts as described above, this is only done with effect for the browser from which the action is taken.

As mentioned, session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser, while persistent cookies are deleted only after a longer interval or when you delete them yourself. Persistent cookies are also renewed when you visit the website.


If you have any questions about the use of cookies or the processing of data about you in connection with the placement or use of cookies by us or our partners, please contact Old Irish Pub at:

Old Irish Pub Denmark A/S
Vesterbrogade 2D, 1620 Copenhagen 35 02 86 92
Phone number: +45 21 76 34 17
Email address:

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 Old Irish Pub and our partners use technologies, including cookies, to collect infor-mation about you and how you and others use our website, including to remember your preferences. The various cookies are used, among other things, to optimise your visit to our website, remember your preferences and for the purpose of optimising ad-vertising efforts on social media. You can read more about our use of cookies here, and you can read about our processing of your personal data here.

By clicking "Accept All" below, you give consent to all our and our partners' cookies. Instead of choosing "Accept All", you can choose which cookies you consent to by click-ing the buttons next to each cookie term below and then clicking 'Update Consent'. Your consent applies to the domain

You can revoke or change your consent at any time under 'Change cookies' at the bot-tom of the page.

Information on the cookie types related to the cookie pop-up

  • Required: Necessary cookies enable basic functions and ensure that the website works. The web-site will not function optimally without these cookies. No consent is required for their use.

  • Statistical:We collect information about how you interact with the website. This allows us to op-timise the design, usability, and effectiveness of the website. The information is used to customise the site based on how you use the site, and is used to provide you with per-sonalised content. 

  • Functional: We collect information to customise content and ads. The aim is to give you the best user experience and create more targeted and relevant content for you.

  • Marketing: We collect information about what you click on, what you show interest in, etc., on this and other websites to create an overview of your interests, habits and activities. This allows us to show you relevant ads on this site and other sites we partner with.